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People Unite…We Have A Mission…Opportunity to Pay It Forward

Andy Copland, remember him, this fellow right here, got himself busted up real bad at the drop zone working.

He is now back home in England receiving further medical care on his legs.  He and his beautiful fiancé Sarah managed to pull together enough funds to get them back to England, but not enough to bring Andy’s furry constant companion, FLiK.

They left him in the care of friends, he is safe, but Andy is missing him something awful.

Anyone who has a furry four-legged best friend companion can relate, anyone who has ever be ill and left to spend hours alone recuperating understands the value of a companion who loves you no matter your mood.

Please consider clicking on the link below and donating whatever you can afford to give to help reunite the two best friends during this time.

Thank you!

Reunite Me With My Dog




You can call me Hankster.

My first BASE jumper interview was at the mercy of  Hank Caylor.  I titled the piece, “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” after hearing the story of his mishap about a jump gone bad with him crashing through a buildings window and taking the elevator down to the lobby.  That alone is legend worthy, but I soon discovered Mr. Caylor has building his legend since his first steps as a toddler.

From broken bones, to lacerations, to bruises and good old fashion scraps and minor burns he surpassed the amateur status in his early teen years.

A friend, the lovely and o’ so talented writer Annette O’Neil  posted a video clip of Caylor from one of his early films “The Sharp End” on Facebook today and it put me in the sharing mood.  Thanks Annette!


Extra featuring Hank Caylor from Sender Film’s “The Sharp End.” Sender Films has all rights to this video, please visit them at: Sender Films

You can check out my interview with Hank here.

All hail the man, the myth, the legend.


Take Care, Space.

I first interviewed Tracy Walker, Base 283 back in 2009.  I titled his interview after his signature line, since that time we have continued to keep in touch on both of professional and personal level.  I have been pestering Tracy to take some time and write his memoirs, the man has an interesting life story to tell and a charming way of expressing himself. There are life lessons in his life story for all of us.

My dear friend, whom I like to refer to as “big brother” for the way he chides me into doing more than I thought possible, has finally put finger to keyboard.

Blue Skies magazine posted the first part of his tale of his first jump of El Cap way back when in the early days of BASE. In a time when people didn’t speak about BASE jumping openly, there where no GoPro’s, and slapping mosquito’s at the exit point could get a man killed.

Check out Tracy’s story at:  El Cap.  Voice your opinion in the comments and by voting to let the editors know Tracy deserves a shot at the big time in print.