Dream Lines by Jokke Sommer

Dream Lines is Norwegian Wingsuit pilot Jokke Sommer’s compilation videos from 2010.

Check out Jokke’s website at: Jokke Sommer.com

You can subscribe to Jokke’s blog and keep up with his latest adventures through his words and video footage through RSS feed on his site.

A word from Jokke:

Dream Lines is a short video with the best proximity flights from 2010. Traveling and filming together with my co pilot, Halvor Angvik. Locations: Romsdalen, Litledalen, Aurland, France and Switzerland.

All my videos is of course FREE to download, but any donations for our future projects and videos is higly appreciated!

20% of any donations goes to SOS Childcare

Thank you!

Jokke Sommer

Click here for video download page.

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