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Smoke (gone, but not forgotten)

His name was Smoke or A141875 in the Chicago Animal Care & Control facility.

His owner surrendered him on Christmas Day.

He had 6 days, 144 hours, 8640 minutes and 518400 seconds for a volunteer to meet him, get to know him (evaluate), contact the CACC approved homeward bound rescues. Then a rescue must find a foster home and put in the paperwork to pull him. Wait for it to be accepted and then save the dog.

He was surrendered with a female who recently had puppies. She was most likely surrendered because they didn’t need anymore litter’s from her and he probably never got sold during those 8 months.

Smoke didn’t make it. His 8 months of life is his entire history. He could have been someone’s everything, a best friend, a playmate, a family member.

Yes, life is not fair. You take what you’re dealt.

But you know what really tears at my heart. Smoke didn’t have a say in his life.

Imagine if we didn’t spend a small fortune of taxpayer money on facility costs and ridiculously high salaries for it’s staff in to bring dogs in the front door and sending them out the back door in garbage bags. The money that could be saved and focused elsewhere for those in need of services. Animal sanctuary’s could adopt out dogs, provide medical care and give senior dogs a place to quietly live out their lives. Why is it only private citizens create these sanctuaries and not our government?

Before anyone comments, “crazy rescue people care more about dogs/cats/companion animals more than people, untrue, they value ALL life”. Rescue volunteers are merely trying to end a bit of the evil and sadness that plagues our society.

I have friends who have told me they can’t look at my feed because of all the sad dogs I post. If they bothered to follow along in most cases the village of volunteers in Chicago/Chicagoland usually get the job done. When a person sees the post shared by a friend and steps up to save a life; that’s a win. Good networking will always trump comments praying for divine intervention. God can’t save the dog from the shelter, but he can give you the strength to do so.

Instead of turning away become part of the solution. Volunteer, Foster, Donate, Sponsor, Advocate, Educate, Network, Transport, all these components make up saving a dog’s life. If you can’t find it in yourself to assist in the fight, perhaps you could send a thank you to a rescue organization or volunteer telling them thanks. Compassion fatigue is real, support the rescuer as well as the rescue.

If I may also say, if you see a animal being abused physically, through starvation, being chained outside 24/7, make it your business, call the police, call animal control or reach out to a rescue in your area who will know exactly what to do to get the animal to safety.

That’s my two cents for what it’s worth. I feel better.

My latest project is here: Pitties, Pistons, Pin-ups and a Promise


I have been on break from writing the past 4 months as I have been concentrating on a fundraising project in which I chaired.  The project consists of a hot calendar, cool t-shirt, a vintage classic cocktail party and an opportunity for a family portrait with the calendar photographer herself, Carolyn Lloyd of Carolyn Lloyd Photography.

Presenting: “Pitties, Pistons, Pin-ups and a Promise” for the benefit of Peace for Pits, Inc. a Chicagoland based rescue serving Illinois’s “bully breeds”.

Please consider a t-shirt or calendar purchase if you do not live in the Chicagoland area to attend the other scheduled events.

Thank you for supporting my writing efforts, but also my charity endeavors.

Warmest Regards,

Cynthia Lynn

Note: Calendars and T-shirts are only available for shipping in the United States.


2015 Calendar

2015 Calendar

Launch Party

Launch Party

Photo Session

Photo Session




Happy Mother’s Day to all our Dog Guardian Mom’s!

Golden Mom and Pups








Thanks Mom for making us part of your family and in some cases looking past our faults, our disabilities, our illness’s, our odd combination of mixed breeds and our dark pasts.

Thanks for reading the ingredient labels on a dozen different bags of dog food in the store before choosing one for me and then going back and reading them all again, when my tummy grumbles that night after dinner.

Thanks for telling me to “sshhh” two dozen times without a timeout when I bark at the same rabbit in the front yard and only giving me a 15-minute time out when by accident I knock the lamp off the table in the living room when I spot a squirrel instead.

Thanks for holding my paw when it is time to get my shots at the vet’s office.

Thanks for patching up my favorite stuff toy repeatedly each time my little sister tears it open and spreads the stuffing all around the family room.

Thanks for not becoming hysterical when I ate the padding out of your shoes or when I ate the laces out of dads.

Thanks for all the cuddles when I am having a case of the blues and I just need a hug from my mom.

Thanks for all the awesome toys, soft blankets, warm beds, gentle collars, harnesses and leads.

Thanks for wonderful human siblings to love, protect and have as playmates.

Thanks for washing out my feed bowls, remembering to change my water, and keeping me well groomed and up to date at the vet.

Thanks for replanting the flowers after I pull them up from the garden, filling in the holes when I dig and not banishing me from the yard, because I act like a dog.

Thanks for the walks, swims, running, playing catch & fetch, going to school, competing in trials, competitions, shows, having play dates and socializing with friends and family.

Thanks for understanding that although I would love to be all that you dream, “the perfect dog”, in reality I am not.  In the end, you love me with all my faults.  The barking, licking, tail whacking  sniffing, sneezing, scratching, squirrel chasing, puddle pouncing, grass rolling, drooling, toilet bowl drinking, poop eating, counter surfing, shoe stealing, sofa hogging, hole digging, and nose and paw printing, get into everything and anything whenever possible dog.

On the other side, I will be your never leave your side, loyal to the end, breath my last breathe for you, be part of your family like no other, best friend, love you to my end dog.

Thanks Mom, you are the best!

PS) Thanks for not minding that we shed a bit more than your human kids do too.

Happy Mother's Day to Pet Mom's