-Pro Wingsuit Racing Licenses Issued





ProBASE World Cup Management and World BASE Race organizers are continuing their colaboration in regards to developing the sport of Wingsuit Racing by issuing a Pro Racing License to qualified pilots.

Pilots who finished in the top 8 of any of this years competitions, that is either the ProBASE Wingsuit Race or its equivalent, the World BASE Race, will be issued a  “Pro Racing License” which will qualify them automatically for next years Wingsuit Race competitions. Here is the list of pilots, male and female, who have been issued this license.

Pro Racing License holders, men:

#01 Ronny Risvik Norway
#02 Frode Johanessen Norway
#03 Espen Fadnes Norway
#04 Robert Pecnik Croatia
#05 Jean Noel Itzstein France
#06 Rodolphe Cassan France
#07Ludovic Woerth France
#08 Stein Olsen Norway
#09 Matthias Wyss Switzerland
#10 Oliver Furrer Switzerland
#11 Markus Wyler Switzerland
#12 Harry Kloska Germany
#13 Edo Senica Slovenia

Pro Racing license holders, women:

#01 Livia Dickie Australia
#02 Heidi Leren Norway
#03 Kjersti Eide Norway

For more on the Pro BASE World Cup click here.

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