Cincinnati BASE jumping Crew

Three members of the elite Cincinnati BASE crew are my guests for conversation and questions from listeners regarding their style of urban BASE jumping. Join Jimmy K, Andy C. and Joe N. for what is sure to be an entertaining time.


You can click on the show reminder at anytime and you’ll receive an email before the show airs live.

SHOW AIRS: October 28th, Thursday @ 1PM CST/US.

You can call in or chat with Jimmy, Andy and Joe  live via messenger in the programs chat room.

Note: The show will be available for download an hour after the live broadcast.

3 responses to “Cincinnati BASE jumping Crew

  1. Calling these guys an “elite crew” is an overstatement of huge proportion. Enthusiastic, yes….sometimes to the point of recklessness. Elite? Negative. The true elite base jumpers are the guys making jumps out of the spotlight, for themselves, at least attempting to keep things low-key on illegal objects. These guys are (for the most part) somewhat low-time/low experience (jump numbers aren’t everything) and are considered inconsiderate and dangerous by more than a few jumpers, some of which I might even consider to be elite, in their own right…. well, almost.


  2. Have you even listened to the show? We never call ourselves elite, and we dont take ourselves that seriously. Low key? Absolutely. We don’t live in a state where jumping is legal, lets say Utah for example, yet we still average a few jumps a week. If we weren’t low key that wouldn’t be possible. (We have objects that have been jumped about once a week for the past 12 years.) Sure, you see our name and videos a lot, but newsflash, 95% of what we do is at night with no witnesses, the shit you see and hear is the 5%. Please, do tell what we have done that is considered dangerous and inconsiderate? Do you have any idea how much we jump in other cites? All the time, because we are invited. I guess you wouldn’t know that that because we are considerate and don’t break the rules of other people’s playground. I would say I am sorry you have a problem with us but I’m really not since you have decided to judge us and make this public outcry without any relevant information. Maybe we can get a beer at the brewery this year at the Turkey Boogie and you can tell me how we are dangerous and inconsiderate.


  3. I don’t mean to be overly critical, I just think the wrong image is being portrayed. No offense to you personally, maybe you have a different style of jumping than some of the other guys I have seen who call themselves Cincy jumpers. Not sure who you are, personally. I don’t think we have met. But to answer your question, (I won’t get into the reckless part for now, just the inconsiderate part) one example that comes to mind is some footage that was released to the news by a jumper. Not only was it a blatantly obvious location, but some of it was actually footage of other jumpers used without their permission. Just one example. Seems like a silly way to get attention, and will only bring unnecessary heat. But hey, it’s your city (sort of). I do agree, it would be nice to live somewhere like Utah, with legal cliffs to jump. I wish I did. (wish I could make it to the turkey boogie, too) But when we don’t have those legal objects, it’s nice to protect the ones we have. Maybe you do tons of covert jumping, but new jumpers don’t see that side of things, and the image portrayed by the Cincy crew (from what little I have seen/heard) leaves much to be desired. Again, not a personal attack, just a general observation.


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