Big Girls Don’t Cry

I proudly present The Big Girls Don’t Cry interviews  conceived during a radio show.  Aided by male jumpers from past interviews, I set out to invite a group of female jumpers to take part in the series.

The six part interviews each published to Blue Skies Magazine in the August 2011 through January of 2012 issues.

I had never interviewed the women prior with the exception of Clair Crawford.  It was an amazing experience for me as a person and writer to partner with these woman to bring a bit of their life story to the page.

Amazingly, three of the woman discovered they were pregnant while the series ran and have given birth to their babies after the last interview being published.

Congratulations to the parents and best wishes to the babies for a beautiful life.  In case you didn’t notice, your mom’s really had it going on and earned the love and respect of many.

Ted Rudd

On my behalf and that of Anniken Binz, Karen Lewis Dalton, Lika Borzova, Ana Isabel Dao, Clair Crawford and Livia Dickie, this series of articles is dedicated to the memory and spirit of Ted Rudd.

New Zealand Base jumper, Ted Rudd, 35, passed away Base jumping in Hårstanebba, Norway on June 13, 2011; he was doing a solo tracking jump from the cliff. Father Ted, as he was often referred to, was an experienced Base jumper tallying jumps around the globe during his career. His brilliant wit, sense of humor, caring ways and love of life endeared him to many, his Facebook ‘About Me’ section simply states, “I’m up to things. I’m into things. Please forgive me for my sinny sin sins”. Halleluiah Ted, Halleluiah.

A life that touches the hearts of others goes on forever… Ted Rudd 1976 2011

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