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Happy Mother’s Day to all our Dog Guardian Mom’s!

Golden Mom and Pups








Thanks Mom for making us part of your family and in some cases looking past our faults, our disabilities, our illness’s, our odd combination of mixed breeds and our dark pasts.

Thanks for reading the ingredient labels on a dozen different bags of dog food in the store before choosing one for me and then going back and reading them all again, when my tummy grumbles that night after dinner.

Thanks for telling me to “sshhh” two dozen times without a timeout when I bark at the same rabbit in the front yard and only giving me a 15-minute time out when by accident I knock the lamp off the table in the living room when I spot a squirrel instead.

Thanks for holding my paw when it is time to get my shots at the vet’s office.

Thanks for patching up my favorite stuff toy repeatedly each time my little sister tears it open and spreads the stuffing all around the family room.

Thanks for not becoming hysterical when I ate the padding out of your shoes or when I ate the laces out of dads.

Thanks for all the cuddles when I am having a case of the blues and I just need a hug from my mom.

Thanks for all the awesome toys, soft blankets, warm beds, gentle collars, harnesses and leads.

Thanks for wonderful human siblings to love, protect and have as playmates.

Thanks for washing out my feed bowls, remembering to change my water, and keeping me well groomed and up to date at the vet.

Thanks for replanting the flowers after I pull them up from the garden, filling in the holes when I dig and not banishing me from the yard, because I act like a dog.

Thanks for the walks, swims, running, playing catch & fetch, going to school, competing in trials, competitions, shows, having play dates and socializing with friends and family.

Thanks for understanding that although I would love to be all that you dream, “the perfect dog”, in reality I am not.  In the end, you love me with all my faults.  The barking, licking, tail whacking  sniffing, sneezing, scratching, squirrel chasing, puddle pouncing, grass rolling, drooling, toilet bowl drinking, poop eating, counter surfing, shoe stealing, sofa hogging, hole digging, and nose and paw printing, get into everything and anything whenever possible dog.

On the other side, I will be your never leave your side, loyal to the end, breath my last breathe for you, be part of your family like no other, best friend, love you to my end dog.

Thanks Mom, you are the best!

PS) Thanks for not minding that we shed a bit more than your human kids do too.

Happy Mother's Day to Pet Mom's

Judge rules Pit Bull Mama deserves better life; PB seeking BFF » DogHeirs | Where Dogs Are Family

Judge rules Pit Bull Mama deserves better life; PB seeking BFF » DogHeirs | Where Dogs Are Family 

The Power of One: O Henry Part II

In part one of the series I introduced you to Henry’s introduction into Peace for Pits when he received a last hour reprieve sparing his life.  This week I sat down with the little fellow and he answered my questions regarding life beyond the cages of Chicago Animal Control and Care as he prepares for his forever family.

Peace for Pits, Inc. Henry

Peace for Pits, 
Henry enjoys his American Bagel bone

  Keep Calm Dog Name: Henry O’Henry Foster Guardian’s: Tom & Lisa Dog Age: 1 year Dog Breed: Pit Bull Mix Siblings: (human): Sage, 13, Amanda, 11 Harmony, 12 Classes attended/attending: will begin @ Narnia in April My nickname is: Hen  


We are family, I have all my fosters hanging with me.

The type of family I am searching for to share my life with will be available to spend generous amounts of time with me, offer lots of petting, attention, cuddle time and love.

When I grow up I want to be: a happy family dog with good manners.

My favorite place to sleep is: on the couch with foster momma, but then she puts me in my crate for the night. However, I would sleep in the big beds upstairs if they would invite me to do so.

Henry and Foster Dad Tom

Henry and Foster Dad Tom

My favorite holiday is: St Patricks Day because that’s my 1st family holiday after being released from dog jail.

My best friend is: Alexa, I liked her right away, her lap was mine.


Henry looking for a snack.

My favorite treat: carrots, spinach, olives, celery, cucumber, kale & lettuce.  I am a veggie dog, living green keeps the body clean and lean.

My favorite toy: tire

My favorite season of the year is: warm weather, not a fan of cold, rain nor heavy winds.

My favorite trip was when we went to: so far it’s been whenever Aunt Cyn takes me in the car into town to run errands.  My ultimate ride was when we  left the city on my FREEDOM ride. My favorite quote is: “This is Henry’s toy!” My favorite pastime activity: sitting- I love to just sit on my own & look at my family & say “look what a good boy I am!”


Henry sitting in his spot on the sofa

 I look really cute when I: hop toward my toys to fetch them, or run/gallop back with them in  my mouth to share with my family. The biggest mess I ever made was: a little puke in my crate, but I was careful to move my blanket out of the way & politely puke in just the little corner of crate. The first thing I ate that I wasn’t supposed to: shoes, but I just nibbled on them. The one time I was a hero was: staying alive on the streets as a stray and then surviving at the shelter until my freedom day. I am really good at: getting attention, just ask the neighbors and all my fosters friends.  Girls just can’t resist how handsome I am and ask to meet me and give me a petting.

Henry strutting his stuff

Henry strutting his stuff

I am sometimes afraid of: the dark, nighttime outside is scary, also an opossum or field mouse may startle me. The one thing I can’t resist is: snuggling on couch next to humans. 1964883_10200734549805914_865602595_n I think my siblings  are: Sage- loud & energetic, Amanda- loving & compassionate, Harmony- gentle & caring

Foster brother and Henry

Foster brother Sage and Henry

My toughest challenge so far has been: going back into the crate when my family leaves the house. Please share something that you learned from your dog and what they have meant to your family. We have learned that the negative stereotype about pit bulls are untrue and that Henry is a calm & gentle pup. He is very loving and makes a great addition to the family.  Henry enjoys joining in all family activities and wants to be in the thick of things constantly. How/Why the dog’s name was chosen: His name came about from the candy bar O’Henry which is chocolate and caramel. Also, because his foster Auntie’s said we’d be saying “O’Henry you’re too cute” or “O’Henry your’re so smart”, or “O’Henry you’re a little stinker”.  He loves his name, his ears perk right up when he hears it and he comes running when called.  Henry fits him perfectly. What is it about their particular breed that you are fond of? In Henry’s case, he is a pit bull mix.  He is on the smaller size at under 40 lbs, very intelligent, quick learner, loves the kids, mannered baby boy who has been a great family dog.  He has the build of his bigger family members but fits perfectly into our town home style living. Everything you love about the breed in a bite size package.

Henry sharing the sofa

Henry sharing the sofa

Thank you to Tom, Lisa and Henry for their participation in the interview.


If you are interested in adopting Henry, please complete an application on the Peace for Pits website, click here.

Henry begins his obedience training on April 1st, he will be attending a 6 week session In Home.