Bud Moeller: Blessings Counted, Banked and Shared

Bud 1st Grade

Bud Moeller’s resume is nothing short of impressive, starting out as a child television star in Japan, to living and schooling abroad in Europe, to earning a degree in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech, followed up by a MBA from Harvard’s Business School all leading to a successful career as a management consultant to clients on six continents.

Bud is without question a brilliant businessman and as I have discovered over the past four years is that he is without question an amazing human being on all levels.  A loving husband and father, a supportive, encouraging friend to many, myself included.

I first met Bud online at the social networking site MySpace when we would comment on the same blogs.  Eventually I asked the man with the Ferrari F1 profile photo if he would like to join in my writers group, mostly composed of women, but looking for a few good men to lend their support. To my surprise, he agreed and soon we were trading racing videos, with him tutoring me on F1 racing to impress a male suitor.

It didn’t take long to realize Bud wasn’t your “average everyday Joe” when it came to life experiences.  He blogged about his Vintage F1 race team where he is the driver, about traveling to wine country in search of “good wine”, pieces of artwork he purchased from galleries around the US on vacation, and the prayer breakfast at the White House.

Wait a minute dude,

“Did you just say you were at the White House for breakfast?”

Who is this guy?

Mont Tremblant, Canada, 2nd place finish, Bud in Ferrari Red

For all that is Bud Moeller’s extraordinary-anything-but-ordinary-life, to me he will always be the man who telephoned me when I fell seriously ill to see if I was getting proper care.  He is the friend who reads my blogs and leaves comments always signed with X’s and O’s.  He is the man who when I lose my temper online, sends me a message reminding me to be the better person; that he expects more from me. He is the man I can buzz on the instant messenger to have a heart to heart talk ending with him offering words to strengthen not only my resolve, but faith.  He is the man who took the time to edit one of my short stories even though the grammar mistakes were no doubt trying his patience with me exhibited by his editor notes in the margin.   He is a man who finds time for this small town girl and never disappointments.

Bud in action at Mont Tremblant, Canada

Fortunately, Bud sat down a couple of years ago and wrote three essays about the early decades in his life and most recently a piece on US politics.  I have added them to the site via links so that you may have the pleasure of learning more about Bud in his own words until he gets around to writing “the book”.

The Early Decades by Bud Moeller

A Solution to this Political Mess? by Bud Moeller

As is his way, he generously agreed to questions from me in between racing gigs, working with non-profits and vacation.  I don’t know where he finds the energy, but may God bless him always for his ability to share of himself.

Personal Statistics:

Name: Robert “Bud” Moeller
Age: 56
Marital Status: Married (34 years)
Location: Melbourne, FL and McLean, VA
Children: Melaine (28), Kehne (25)
Education: B Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech, MBA from Harvard
Hometown: Hard to say—have moved around a lot, even when I was young
Your profession: Vintage F1 driver
Nickname: Bud

1.What is your life’s philosophy?
Life’s too short to drink bad wine or drive bad cars.

2.  Is there a moment in your life that stands out in your mind as life changing?
The summer between my sophomore and junior years in college, my uncle persuaded me that I should go for an MBA. Was the best decision ever and capitalized on my leadership and strategic skills to allow me to become a world-renowned corporate transformation guru.

3.  What is your greatest strength in racing?
The ability to process lots of information very quickly, in a non-emotional way, without fear. So much is going on out there every corner and every lap! Business? The ability to find a unique solution that changes the rules of the game to allow my clients to win (that defines my style of strategy).

4. What is the most bonehead thing you have done in life?
When I was a teenager, there was a pair of twin girls I knew. One came up to me and said, “I bet you can’t tell if I’m Sharon or Karen.” I said, “You’re Sharon. Karen is the mean one.” And I was wrong!

5.  What makes you unique in the world of racing?
I’m a very tough competitor but everyone likes me. I race fair and hard, without any dirty stuff. Earns me a lot of respect. Plus I probably campaign my 1980 Ferrari 312 T5 car more than any other vintage Ferrari F1 car in the world. Even the factory guys can’t believe it!

6.  What steps do you take to mentally prepare before each race?
I usually check the track map but, more importantly, I try to mentally drive laps and see if I can do them within a second or two of the real lap time. In addition, I visualize pushing harder and faster in certain corners—then I believe it’s possible when I’m out there. I’m now working with a data gathering unit and video—giving me more to check and prepare with.

7.  What attracted you to working with non-profits?
When I retired from business I knew I had to use my strategic skills for free to help those organizations that needed support but couldn’t afford it. There are so many non-profits with great missions but they have trouble with focus and delivery.

8.  What would you say is your life’s greatest achievement?
Becoming a world-recognized leader in corporate transformation, impacting hundreds of clients on 6 continents, to be more effective and efficient at what they do, in a sustainable way.

9.  What were your childhood dreams and have you achieved them?
I’m not sure I had much in the way of dreams. I knew I was academically gifted but wasn’t sure how to apply myself the best way.

10. Who has been the greatest influence in your life and why?
Everyone needs a good mentor to succeed. I was blessed to have a great one at work and my wife is the other.

11.  How do you want to be remembered by people from your life?
As someone who always had an encouraging word and a way to help them in life.

USS United States, Bud

List 5 Random Facts or Habits about yourself that would be classified as weird, strange, or different.

1. I travel about 70% of the year for racing, boards, volunteer work, etc. Have flown on over 4,000 flights and now have my private pilot license and own plane.

2. Was a child TV star in Japan (ages 9-12) on a weekly show.

3. My IQ was professionally measured at 172.

4. I hate nearly all cooked vegetables—except potatoes. Can’t stand the smell or taste.

5. I was born in the U.S. but only attended 3rd grade here—came back for college.

Quick Questions in 5 seconds or less:

1.  Do you have a hobby?
You mean other than racing? Have been racing open wheel cars for 23 years. But I also collect contemporary art and vintage cars and enjoy wine tasting.

2.  What is your favorite book?
The Innovator’s Dilemma—fascinating book by HBS Professor Christensen about how disruptive technology changes the competitive landscape in many industries.

3.  What will your epitaph read?
He lived a full life serving and loving others

4.  Is there anything you wouldn’t try or do in life?
Not afraid to try anything but many things I wouldn’t do (like murder someone, steal a car, etc.).

5.  What is your biggest fear?
Don’t have one. I don’t think it’s possible for racers to have fears. If they do, they’ll be too slow. Have to have an insane ability to put everything out of your head and just go out and win.

6. Are you a religious or spiritual person? Yes—committed Christian since age 17.


Carol and Bud Moeller

****Thank you to Carol Moeller for your grace, pose and beauty in all those photos your husband shares of you online.  Your smile makes us all feel welcomed on your journeys.****

4 responses to “Bud Moeller: Blessings Counted, Banked and Shared

  1. Thanks, Cyn! Love how you pulled this all together. xoxo


  2. My pleasure Bud. You know I’m a big admirer and hold our friendship dear.


  3. Judy Rawlings

    My husband Jim and I have known Bud since England when Jim was in the Air Force and Bud was living there with his parents. We love and value our friendship so much. When I first met Carol years later we became friends right away and I feel as if we have always known each other. We have spent many days together of fun and adventure and hope to get together many more times!. We love you Bud and Carol and hold your friendship so very dear! You are hugh blessings in our lives! It was great to read this interview by Cyn. Thank you. Judy Rawlings xoxo


  4. That was a wonderful peek into who “Bud” is.


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