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Lonnie Bissonnette

From the published  interview: I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Canadian BASE jumper, Lonnie Bissonnette, and although he will state infuriatingly that he is not an inspiration and grumble that he “hates” that word.  The fact remains that Mr. Bissonnette life story is an inspiration to many jumpers and non-jumpers alike; not because he still jumps today following his 2004 accident which left him a paraplegic, but rather his undying passion for the “big picture”.

Join Lonnie and I as we discuss his latest adventure to Norway, Team FX/Canada and his upcoming plans.

Link to show page:

Show airs: July 19, 2010, Friday @ 12pm CST/US.

You can call in or chat with Lonnie  live via messenger in the programs chat room.

Note: The show will be available for download an hour after the live broadcast.

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