~Domestic Heaven~

Copyright Domestic Heaven 2014


Name of Business: Domestic Heaven

Industry Type: Custom designed and handmade products for everyday living and special events.

Business Established: June 26th, 2011

Owner: Charlotte Münster-Swendsen

A small shop with lots of handmade goodies for your home, your party, your baby or your favorite holiday. My feeble attempt to bring some splashes of color and some homespun, down-to-earth values into a world of beige and disposable paper plates.

My most rewarding experience comes with interacting with customers – always! I love hearing about the way my customers live with my creations and I love working on custom orders with people who have put their faith in me to create something special.

My biggest challenge of owning the business: Marketing. It’s a jungle out there…

Domestic Heavens 2014 Goal: Also marketing. Creating a logo. Giving my shop a more cohesive look and expanding on some of the categories in my shop that I feel need some love.

You can find Domestic Heaven at the following cyber points around the web-



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