-ProBASE Wingsuit Race 2010

ProBASE Wingsuit Race 2010,
Oct. 2010, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

More information to follow as provided.

Beach Boogie in Greece

Next up we will hold an exclusive exhibition event on the island of Symi, near Rhodes, in Greece! Dates are set for August 20th to 22nd 2010. For more info, click here!

The event  proposed by Stratos, possibly the only Greek BASE jumper, who opened the spot and has good contacts to the local community on the island. This is an invitation extended to the international BASE community by the mayor of the island who is taking care of lodging, food and transportation of all the jumpers. BASE jumping is almost unknown in Greece and this event will help to promote the sport and introduce it to the country. The jump is a 230 meter cliff with a huge beach to land on. The island of Symi is a precious place near the tourist hotspot of Rhodes and is only reachable by boat.

Results for ProBASE World Cup 2010




The final season event of the ProBASE World Cup held in Stechelberg, Switzerland saw a familiar face on top spot. Espen Fadnes from  Norway conquered the crown in the Swiss Alps and claimed the World Champion title in Wingsuit flying.

The race which took place in the georgeous Jungfrau region got off to a good start on Friday, October 1st despite some rain in the morning. Fog in the race wall made the first round somewhat slow, but soon the weather cleared up and the 3 scheduled rounds could be completed. Already in the first round an upset occured when last years race champion Luka Fornazaric stayed slightly below the minimum canopy time of 25 seconds and got disqualified. Another surprise was swiss newcomer Mathias Wyss who started like a bat out of hell and consistently was amongst the 3 fastest pilots. The man of the prerounds however was Ludovic Woerth from France, he had finshed third last year, who flew the fastest time in each of the 4 qualification rounds.
The next day brought perfect weather with blue skies and no winds and it was gonna be a day to remember. After the fourth round the 16 fastest pilots had qualified for the semi finals. With the flat 25 second rule for minimum canopy time and also disqualifications being given for lane invasion, Espen Fadnes  had the best run in the semis and flew the fastest time. Ludo, in his only average flight of the entire competition, “only” qualified for the bronze final, his dissappointment visible after he had landed.
At this point Australian evergreen Livia Dickie was the only remaining woman in the challenge and had therefor won the female World Champion title already.
The finals started with an airshow and a spectacular smoke jump before the 8 fastest pilots raced for the title. Harry Kloska beat Edo Senica for 7th and Jean Noel Itzsteinbeat Markus Wyler for 5th. Ludo had another great run and beat Swiss local Oliver Furrer for the third place. The gold final was extremly tense with Espen applying his regular tactics staying high and thus flying a shorter curve. Mathias Wyss went for speed and it was close until the finish line where Espen took a tiny lead.
This way he claimed the World Champion title after having already won the World BASE Race in Norway earlier this summer. Congratulations are in order and it will be interresting to watch who can beat the man from Trondheim next year.




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