~Snowflake Stitching~

Snowflake Stitching

Name of Business: Snowflake Stitching

Industry: Handmade apparel accessories

Business Established: December 6, 2013

Owner: Sarah Messick

Snowflake Stitching is an Etsy business that I created to provide custom made scarves for people all over the world.

My most rewarding experience thus far has been, I get to make two scarves for two young girls that are in a local foster home, for their Christmas. These girls have not received anything for Christmas in quite a few years, and I get to make something for them to enjoy.

The biggest challenge that I have had so far is time management. Its hard to make time for everything in your life, especially your loved ones.

Snowflake Stitching’s 2014 Goal is to simply supplement my income so I can stop working three separate jobs. To provide something classically stylish and a scarf that is timeless.

Scarves use to be a part of ever woman’s wardrobe. With our modern design we aim to make your scarf the center price of your outfit once again.

You can find Snowflake Stitching’s at these cyber points around the web-



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