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Hello Everyone.

After a hell of a lot of work, “Confessions of an Idiot” the book is finally out, there are limited copies so get it quick.

Shine on, Douggs

From the book:
“Douggs. He is the kind of insane that pushes the species forward and helps us evolve in new and unique ways.
Think of how crazy the first squirrel was that thought he could fly” – Jeb Corliss

A glimpse into a life less ordinary, from one of the world’s most prolific BASE jumpers and infamous party animals, ‘Confessions of an Idiot’ gives an insight into the world of hyper extreme sports where death lurks at every corner.
Douggs faces the challenge armed with a case of beer, a wry sense of humour and an attitude that catches the authorities flat-footed.

If you’re religious…
…Don’t read it!

If you’re against drug and alcohol abuse…
…Don’t read it!

If you believe in monogamy…
…Don’t read it!

If you’re afraid of death and carnage…
…Don’t read it!

Dear Readers,

I am proud to be able to distribute Confessions of an Idiot in the US, click on the Paypal button and order your copy today! Whether or not you are into the sports of skydiving or Base jumping, the book if filled with humor and humanity as only Chris can express with his unique storytelling style and wit.

Plus, watch for my interview with Chris “Douggs” McDougall on Blogtalk radio in the upcoming weeks and telephone in to chat with the man himself.


Cynthia Lynn



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Book Review: Confessions of an Idiot written by Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall
Reviewed by Cynthia Lynn

The Colourful Tale of a Life in Freefall by Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall

Confessions of an Idiot is the riotous and often touching life story of Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall, age 34, Australian World Champion Skydiver, BASE jumper and World Record Holder.

Chris McDougall didn’t start out in life as ‘Douggs’, the high flying, surfing, skydiving, BASE jumping, rock climbing, try anything once ‘loose dude’ that his life story reads as of today. McDougall was reared in the normalcy of Australian suburbia, born to hard working parents and older sibling to three younger sisters. A self-proclaimed “geek with a mullet” during his childhood, turned tattooed, pierced adventurer, musician, and author.

Douggs you see, is far from being an idiot as suggested by his book title, he simply possesses an openness that most of us reserve for the sake of polite society. Over 240 pages of relaying his life’s travels, adventures and mishaps in sport and personal life leaves the reader for the better part of the book laughing out loud. You will find yourself nodding approvingly at the notion that you have been there too with admiration for his enthusiastic willingness to share.

Miss your flight? Lose your wallet? Misplace the hotel keycard? Arrive at your destination to find you have left your gear behind? How about win the girl only to blow it with the girl? Or the infamous using your teeth to open the tube of Super Glue, exploding it inside your mouth? Yep, right there on page 200. Chapter 25 introduces you to “Crappin in ya daks” a mishap known to occur frequently with BASE jumper’s in the early days of their jumping careers. There are the drugs, sex, rock n roll, lack of religion tossed in for good measure along with BASE jumping stories for the adrenaline junkies to feast.

Confessions of an Idiot is a must read for any inspiring adventure seeker, as well as those who keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. Whoever enjoys a tale of the good guy finishing first will discover a depth to the man as he recalls the passing of his closest friends.

For at the heart of ‘Douggs’ story is that of Chris, who loves his Mum, respects his Dad, cares for his family and treasures his friendships while living his dreams. A true testament to his independent spirit, humanity and lust for life in the pursuit of setting world records, winning world championships and having more fun than the law, your pastor and mother think are permissible.