~Allyson Gray Photography~

Copyright Allyson Gray Photography 2014

Copyright Allyson Gray Photography 2014

Industry type: Artistic Photography

Business Established: February of 2011.

Title:  Owner and operator, with a little help from hubby, who helps build and create sets for sessions.

Allyson Gray Photography practices modern and artistic photography. I use props, and like my photos to tell a story about the subject.

My most rewarding experiences are being able to use my talent to bring awareness to situations that need help. The outreach program we do in Stockton California is my most rewarding. Despite being homeless and down on their luck, I love to bring beauty and soul to these people. It’s also nice to offer my services for fundraisers.

My biggest challenge owning my business is being in a very competitive field, and constantly being creative. There is no pausing. Thinking on your toes, it’s the name of the game. It’s a very expensive field to be in. Equipment is not cheap.

My companies 2014 goal is to start a website besides my SmugMug site, and to hopefully be able to do my photography full time, and quit my 9-5 job. That way I can throw my entire self in it.

I want to use my talent to gain more awareness of people who are in need of help and kindness.

At Allyson Gray Photography we are: Telling your story through my lens

You can find Allyson Gray Photography at the following cyber points around the web:

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