Duly Noted

  • Added article on Jeb Corliss by Carl Hoffman from the November 01, 2010 issue of  Air & Space Magazine to the “In Others Words” pages.
  • Clair Crawford has a new website titled: BASE Girl which is found at: BASE Girl
  • Gen Montreuil started her “Dreams that Soar” project a little under two weeks ago at Skydiving Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois.  As the project was not funded during her Kickstarter fundraiser, she is still looking for donations to aid her on her journey for the next three months.  You can give to this remarkable artist at: Donate Here
  • The Gracious Few have released their debut CD, you can find all the information on this video.
  • The Canadian BASE Association will be launching their own website to connect and reconnect jumpers from across Canada by months end.  Stay tuned for link.
  • I am working on several interviews that I intend to have published here by the end of the year.
  • If you haven’t purchased your Yoda T-shirt, we still have a couple of Medium, Large and x-Large shirts in stock.  If you have received your shirt and still need to pay for it, please do.  Also, looking for photos of all you Yoda T-shirt wearing jumpers to add to the gallery.
  • We still have copies of “Confessions of an Idiot” by Chris ‘douggs’ McDougall available through our Shoppe.  Don’t end up being one of those people who when they are no longer available wishing you could find a copy or begging to borrow your friends.  Chris does not leave the reader disappointment as he bares all.
  • Lastly, if you haven’t purchased Slade Ham’s latest CD, “Three legged-unicorn”, why not?  (available on itunes)

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