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Bud Moeller: Blessings Counted, Banked and Shared

Bud 1st Grade

Bud Moeller’s resume is nothing short of impressive, starting out as a child television star in Japan, to living and schooling abroad in Europe, to earning a degree in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech, followed up by a MBA from Harvard’s Business School all leading to a successful career as a management consultant to clients on six continents.

Bud is without question a brilliant businessman and as I have discovered over the past four years is that he is without question an amazing human being on all levels.  A loving husband and father, a supportive, encouraging friend to many, myself included.

I first met Bud online at the social networking site MySpace when we would comment on the same blogs.  Eventually I asked the man with the Ferrari F1 profile photo if he would like to join in my writers group, mostly composed of women, but looking for a few good men to lend their support. To my surprise, he agreed and soon we were trading racing videos, with him tutoring me on F1 racing to impress a male suitor.

It didn’t take long to realize Bud wasn’t your “average everyday Joe” when it came to life experiences.  He blogged about his Vintage F1 race team where he is the driver, about traveling to wine country in search of “good wine”, pieces of artwork he purchased from galleries around the US on vacation, and the prayer breakfast at the White House.

Wait a minute dude,

“Did you just say you were at the White House for breakfast?”

Who is this guy?

Mont Tremblant, Canada, 2nd place finish, Bud in Ferrari Red

For all that is Bud Moeller’s extraordinary-anything-but-ordinary-life, to me he will always be the man who telephoned me when I fell seriously ill to see if I was getting proper care.  He is the friend who reads my blogs and leaves comments always signed with X’s and O’s.  He is the man who when I lose my temper online, sends me a message reminding me to be the better person; that he expects more from me. He is the man I can buzz on the instant messenger to have a heart to heart talk ending with him offering words to strengthen not only my resolve, but faith.  He is the man who took the time to edit one of my short stories even though the grammar mistakes were no doubt trying his patience with me exhibited by his editor notes in the margin.   He is a man who finds time for this small town girl and never disappointments.

Bud in action at Mont Tremblant, Canada

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