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Lucky Chance

Let’s get to the point.  If you are going to talk the talk, then get off your ass right now and walk the walk.

You hear so much talk from BASE jumpers of how they are a special breed, brothers in arms if you will.  Whuffos are to be kept at a distance, the old thought processes still in tact, “no one can be trusted but a BASE brother”.

Well, a BASE brother from Australia is in need of financial aid.  He is currently in hospital in Europe.  Messed himself up something awful and recovery will be a long road back.

Every little bit helps grow the total.  Don’t be shy, if you have but 5 bucks to spare, that’s 5 more then was had to pay for treatment 5 minutes ago.  There is a statement that “you never stand as tall as when you stoop to help a child”.  “I’ll take that one further and say you never fly so far as  when you reach out to help your brother”.

Click the link and donate, this whuffo did and in my dreams tonight I’ll touch the stars because I helped another and looked past our differences.

              Click to donate.

Peace and soft landings-

Cynthia Lynn 

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