Ms. October: Ana Isabel Dao featured in Blue Skies Magazine

Ana accepted the invite to be interviewed blindly and with me knowing absolutely nothing about Ana, other than she went on the Baffin Expedition with Livia Dickie in 2010. What a treat for me to have the opportunity to interview such an amazing woman with an overflowing enthusiasm for the sport. Ana is well educated, successful in business and has a creative side to her nature as well in producing videos and films.

It should have been no surprise to me that when asked if she had a hobby outside BASE jumping, her response was peppered with “and”, “and”, “and’s”.

“Yes, I like climbing, skydiving and mountain biking too. I love the mountains. I also like the beach and beach sports. I enjoy photography and videos. I like to read… I love travelling even if it’s not for BASE jumping and mostly no matter where the destination is, just to experience new places and people. I like party with friends and family!”

As to how she keeps fit, “bicycling everywhere I go in the city I live and also I try to go 3 to 4 times per week to a climbing gym”.

This month in Blue Skies Magazine I interview Venezuelan BASE jumper, Ana Isabel Dao.   Much like her counterpart, next months interviewee Clair Crawford, Ana went big on her first jump and even bigger on her 4th jump.

Being a native of Venezuela home to the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls, naturally a two way with her father made for a memorable 4th jump.  Base jumpers dream of jumping the falls and to Ana it’s one of the many goals in her life that she has checked off.

For Ana it’s not bragging, she is merely sharing her joy & passion as a skilled jumper/skydiver and warmhearted gracious woman.  I asked her what if any impact did she think sharing her perspectives and stories in this interview would make in fellow jumpers views of woman in BASE?

“I hope people enjoy it and find it interesting.  Maybe I have answered at least some of their questions regarding myself and women in general in BASE jumping.  I say, thank you for letting me share my perspectives with you all! Cheers!!!”

Check out Blue Skies Magazine to learn more about Ana and her amazing journey into Base jumping.

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