9Lives Adventures Video Contest

Please click the link to the 9Lives Adventures Contest and vote for Lonnie Bissonnette.


Who are 9Lives Adventures?

9Lives Adventures is on a journey to become the motivational tool of our generation. It is focused on people living with limited mobility. To get those individuals who have been living with, or newly welcomed to, a life of “limitation” and open up doors of extreme possibility.

Through adrenalin tourism and extreme sports we hope to get people to question the limitations set upon them and deal with the cards that were dealt. To overcome fear and doubt, then replace it with self-worth and excitement.

Furthermore, to push able-bodied people to think outside of the box and prioritize their own heartbeat of life. To accept each other and work as a positive movement in negative times.

We are Alive We are Individual We are ABLE

9Lives Adventures Mission:

To aid in opening up the doors of life to someone who feels they are closing in on them.

To able the already able

To create an accessible adventure tourism revolution


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