Google News BASE Alerts for March 29, 2013

While Cynthia is out on medical leave, here’s some news from around the globe off the web to feed your habit.

5 buildings you can legally throw yourself off of
Fox News
There are two reasons why you can’t just BASE jump off any old city building: firstly, it’s illegal for, like, a thousand reasons, and secondly, even if illegality and self-preservation aren’t concerns for you, you’d struggle to know how to go about it 
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BASE Jumper Felix Baumgartner Is National Geographic People’s Choice 
WebWire (press release)
WASHINGTON — Austrian BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner has been selected as the 2013 National Geographic People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year for his historic free fall from space. Baumgartner was selected from a group of 10 adventure innovators 
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Their lives are in the balance: High wire fans pose for photos 400ft above the 
Daily Mail
Scott, who has been slacklining for 10 years and BASE jumping for four years, got his first taste of the daring sport at a climbing competition he was competing in. Scott Rogers started the festival as a way of getting his friends from all around the 
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Daily Mail
McConkey Movie Official Teaser
Shane McConkey is revered as a pioneer of freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping, and through his talent and ability to use his trademark irreverent humor to inspire countless lives. In a new film from Red Bull Media House in association with Matchstick 
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Holy Crap, This Insane 300 Foot Rope Swing Looks Like Heart Stopping Fun
There’s extreme stunts you can pull like sky diving. There’s insanity like base jumping. And then there’s this: jumping off a canyon and swinging yourself on a 300 foot rope swing. You come oh so close to hitting the canyon but pull away at the last 
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