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17 years and Ten Minutes: Lead Vocalist Kevin Martin

October of 2010

The Cynthia Lynn Chronicles are interviews done in the writer’s perspective. While interviewing Kevin Martin I found myself drifting back to those first months when we met and have decided to share a glimpse.  I hope you enjoy traveling back in time to 1993.


Kevin giving me advice, again.


“Do you know where we are going?” I said from my spot in the passenger seat.

“It’s has to be this way, hang on”, he replied accelerating up the highway ramp.

Dallas, Texas.   We were on a highway in search of a music equipment store around 4:00pm in the afternoon with traffic steadily streaming along.

A turn this way, a turn that way, a u-turn here and then a cross over there and bam; pulling into the parking lot of the establishment.  Don’t know how we managed to pull this off, except to say that our driver pulled it out of his ass… once again.   Hence, how we soon came to declare, “Kevin knows all.  There is Kevin and then God.” Continue reading