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Someone You Should Know…15 Questions with… Michael Pelkey

Answer for $200: What is the date and time of the leap into BASE jumping history?

Answer for $400: What object did the 1966 jump take place from?

Answer for $600: Which founding father of modern BASE was inspired to follow up with a first BASE jump of his own from the same object?

Answer for $800: What is a skydiving rig with round parachute?

Answer for $1000: What are the names of the two men that made the historic 1966 jump?

(Insert annoying clock ticking game show tune)

Time is up…

The answer is: Brian Schubert and Michael Pelkey.

  • Age: 69
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: Two per marriage, two marriages
  • Current Location: Simi Valley, California
  • Hometown: Benton Harbor, Michigan
  • Education: Some college, no formal degree
  • Number of Base jumps: 2
  • Year of first Jump: 1964 (skydiving) 1966 (1st BASE jump)
  • Container: Military backpack and harness
  • Canopy: 28′ TU modified military + 24′ reserve
  • Profession: Electronics /Electromechanical Design Engineer
  • Number of Skydives: 207
  • Base Number: Not Applicable

In researching B.A.S.E. history, you’ll come across the story of an El Capitan jump circa 1966 and the events that transpired 40 years later with the passing of Brian Schubert at Bridge Day. If you are a regular on the forum you might run across a post by Mike, usually he comments in reply to a friend’s post here and there. Or in reading through the articles section you’ll come across his telling of “the jump”.

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