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Norway: Even Disney Can’t Top This

If you are a BASE jumper, save up the money and make the trip to Norway.  We are talking some serious “big walls”.  The cliffs rise far up into the clouds and offer stunning views from a top.

By all means you should have the skill set to jump from these gems and if not, remember there is no hurry to do so, as these cliffs aren’t going anywhere.  There are plenty of exit points for the intermediate jumper as you grow into a more proficient jumper.

Since arriving in Andalsnes one point is clear, “jumpers are welcomed and jumpers are everywhere”.  Walking into the Grand Bellevue Hotel lobby turns into a who’s who of BASE.  Journey to the city center and it’s much the same with jumpers crowding the cafe’s.

Meeting those that I have interviewed or those that I have interacted with via the net has been a blast.  I couldn’t ask for friendly or more sincere greetings of welcoming me.

The surreal part of the trip is meeting people face to face that have read my articles and know of my work.   It’s a wonderful feeling to know that people not only read the pieces, but that they endorse it.

To be in Andalsnes is to fall in love with Andalsnes.  The charm of the town, the views of the fjords and mountains along with its friendly citizenry is like being in a Disney film.  Even with the clouds hiding the sunshine, the people here have a light all their own.

Day 4 is coming to a close, I am exhausted from a day out at Gridset.  All this fresh air and walking catches up with you when accustomed to sitting at a desk in your air-conditioned office.

One of the Austrian jumpers was asked if he would be going to the hotel to pack his canopy, he reply, “no, if I can be outdoors, I stay outdoors as much as possible”.  After taking in the views, I totally get where he is coming from and whole heartily agree.

Tomorrow will no doubt bring further surprises and (fingers crossed) a fog less day back out at Gridset for the World Base Race Tracking races.