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Donate to the cause: Let’s help Lori do great things!

Hi All,
I had the pleasure to meet Lori back in 2012 in Norway during BASE season.  I was very fortunate indeed, for when I fell ill at a jump site, she quickly drove me back to the hotel for care.  She didn’t hesitate for a moment and I will forever grateful for her caring ways.

If you can help, please make a donation to her fund enabling her to do great volunteer work.  No donation is too small as they all add up.


Cynthia Lynn


A message from Lori Butz:

Hey Guys,
I’m fixin’ to go help with some Ortho surgery here in a little bit, but we need money for the plane tickets. Please donate a little if you can, seriously $20 would be great. It will go directly to pay for my flight to Huehuetenango, Guatemala. There i will assist really good Orthopedic Surgeons doing life changing operations on very poor and deserving patients. We average 60 cases in the 4 operating days we have down there. (i’ve done this 8 times already). Congenital Hip Dislocations, Malunions, Club feet, yeah, that’s life changing when you can walk!!! Seriously!! You should do this! It will make you happy! Personally, i will be sacrificing a few weekends packing for this trip, unpacking from this trip, and being on this trip. I am covering my own room and board. I am taking time off without pay from my job to go on this trip. I am selfish with my time and money and i could easily spend it climbing or skydiving or drinking cocktails on the roof. I do this because I can and when you can you should. That’s how we make the world a better place. We act respectfully to neach other and we help out people who need it. And you can do this right now . . . click the link . . . . click the link

Awesome Fundraiser Link 

This donation site has been set up to make it easy for you to do an awesome thing that will make you feel good. Namely, chipping in to pay for the cost of my airfare to Guatemala where I will be assisting the Operation Rainbow team under Dr. Gus Giamalas for my 9th straight year in a row! We work hard and we change the lives of nice people you will probably never meet, but still, isn’t it nice to think “my $50 helped a little girl with club feet to walk normally. How life changing. How rad. I feel good about myself!” Yes, these warm feelings can be yours!! Donate now! Please. 🙂

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You can call me Hankster.

My first BASE jumper interview was at the mercy of  Hank Caylor.  I titled the piece, “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” after hearing the story of his mishap about a jump gone bad with him crashing through a buildings window and taking the elevator down to the lobby.  That alone is legend worthy, but I soon discovered Mr. Caylor has building his legend since his first steps as a toddler.

From broken bones, to lacerations, to bruises and good old fashion scraps and minor burns he surpassed the amateur status in his early teen years.

A friend, the lovely and o’ so talented writer Annette O’Neil  posted a video clip of Caylor from one of his early films “The Sharp End” on Facebook today and it put me in the sharing mood.  Thanks Annette!


Extra featuring Hank Caylor from Sender Film’s “The Sharp End.” Sender Films has all rights to this video, please visit them at: Sender Films

You can check out my interview with Hank here.

All hail the man, the myth, the legend.