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Blue Skies Magazine: Big Girls Don’t Cry

Today I had one of those warm and fuzzy feelings usually experienced during childhood on Christmas morning, or when your greeted by a puppy or  the cute boy in your math class smiles at you.

I clicked on my Facebook page and saw the announcement from Blue Skies Magazine for this months issue featuring my interview with Anne Helliwell and Anniken Binz.

If you BASE jump or are even considering taking up the sport and you don’t know who Anne Helliwell is, shame on you.  If you BASE jump and don’t want to read about fellow female jumpers Anniken Binz, Karen Lewis Dalton, Lika Borzova, Ana Isabel Dao, Clair Crawford and Livia Dickie, well…shame on you too.  If you purchased the magazine to see hot chicks who take part in extreme sports, well I forgive you that one.

For any aspiring writer having people acknowledge your work often creates that warm and fuzzy feeling I spoke of; having a magazine devote six months worth of space to your article is a home run in the bottom of the ninth, with the game tied and two outs.  (A tip of the cap to the days when I was a 19-year-old writing weekly baseball wrap ups for the local paper)

Many thanks as always to the lovely women of BASE, to Editor Extraordinaire  Lara of Blue Skies Magazine for listening to me and understanding the importance in presenting BASE with the respect those who have devoted their lives to the sport deserve.

I can never say thank you enough to my friends in BASE, retired and still active for all your support in reminding me to not give a fuck what the haters thought and believe in myself.  You are all crazy fuckers, but I adore you one and all for the uniqueness that is you.

Lastly, to all my friends that devote their time and energy bleeding blood, sweat and tears into the art of the written word, “keep the faith and write, write, write”.

  ~Cynthia Lynn

Big Girls Don’t Cry: Straight Talk with Women of BASE jumping

Click here for the latest on this project. (July 13, 2001)


I know, I know… I said in my last post that I would soon be publishing the interview with the six women of BASE, but things have a taken a turn.

You see, this all started when Australian jumper, Feral, thought it was time for the women of BASE to take center stage. Feral has been working me over for months to do the interview, tossing out interview suggestions, names of female jumpers, really networking like a bandit in the night to make this interview a reality. Meanwhile, Canadian jumper, Lonnie Bissonnette has been cracking the whip on me to stay the course, ‘write, write, write’ and wrap this baby up. Together the two of them willed this article to fruition, then came the turn out of my comfort zone and down another road.

Last Thursday Feral took it one step further, he put me in contact with the editor of Blueskies Magazine who had expressed interest in the article.

In speaking with Lara the editor of the magazine, we came to the understanding that the magazine would publish the interview in its entirety. That’s right 6 parts, six unique, intelligent, and independent women coming at you month after month.

If you are not familiar with the magazine, they have been in circulation coming up on two years in July of 2011. The magazine features Skydiving, BASE jumping, Wing suiting, Speed Flying, Ground Launching and more. If it happens in the air, they have it covered. Check out an issue here. In case you are wondering, yes, the magazine is RATED M for Mature.

Right about now you are thinking, “Damn, BASE jumping and six of the sports hottest female jumpers, plus everything else the magazine has to offer. How do I get my hands on a copy?”

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Big Girls Don’t Cry-Straight Talk with Women of BASE
July-Anniken Binz
August-Karen Dalton Lewis
September- Lika Borzova
October- Ana Isabel Dao
November- Clair Crawford
December- Livia Dickie