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On the verge of making history: The Arctic Row

Epic adventure and challenge.  Check out how these four men are preparing to do what hasn’t been done yet, along with some other cool aspects about their journey.

Thanks to my friend Lillyth in San Francisco for bringing this to my attention.

The Arctic Row Facebook page:

The Ocean Rowing Society International, Explorers Club
No one has ever completed a crossing of the Arctic Ocean by row boat…We will be the first. Twitter: @ArcticRow
Arctic Row is a 4-man team set out to row across the last remaining ocean in the world, the Arctic Ocean. We’re making a documentary film to cover our expedition.
Row across the Arctic Ocean.
There are 5 Oceans. No one has rowed the Arctic Ocean uninterrupted and unsupported. We will row the Arctic Ocean in 2012.

Video explaining The Arctic Row project.

There’s A Reason It Hasn’t Been Done video.

The Arctic Row website.

The Arctic Row fundraising site.