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Pro BASE World Cup Interview with Jesse Hall

United States BASE Jumper Jesse Hall sits down with Pro BASE World Cup following his win in the first event of the Pro BASE World Cup Tour. For more information on Pro BASE World Cup check out the links section and the events page for tour dates.

Ted Rudd Interview with Pro BASE World Cup

From Pro BASE World Cup:

Ted Rudd, one of the best and most active trackers around granted us this interview where he gives us an inside view of his experience, plans and motivation for the sport of BASE Jumping.

Check out Ted’s interview at Pro BASE World Cup.


June 13, 2011…Ted Rudd passed away Base jumping in Hårstanebba, Norway, earlier today; he was doing a solo tracking jump from the cliff.

My heartfelt condolences to the friends of Ted Rudd. A life that touches the hearts of others goes on forever. Blessings to Ted and all of you.~ Cynthia

Ted Rudd April 17, 1976- June 13, 2011
Photographs by Livia Dickie

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Celebration for Ted! information link.