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Ueli Gegenschatz: Ted Talks February 2009

Ueli Gegenschatz
(January 3, 1971 – November 13, 2009, Zurich)

Ueli Gegenschatz took flight just about every way a human can: paragliding, skydiving, BASE jumping (from the Eiffel Tower), and most breathtakingly: by donning a wingsuit and soaring.

Why you should listen to him:

Ueli Gegenschatz was known for his expert paragliding, skydiving and BASE jumping — and his utterly jawdropping flight in a wingsuit, a high-tech flying-squirrel-inspired getup that let himsoar as close as humanly possible to our shared dream of flight. His “addiction to speed” continues to inspire.

A member of the Swiss national paragliding team for four years, Gegenschatz co-founded the Red Bull acro team in 1995. His BASE jumping stunts are the stuff of YouTube legend: the Eiffel Tower; Petronas Towers in KL; the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks all in one day.