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Livia Dickie featured in January Blue Skies Magazine


With no offense to the other ladies, the Australian Base crew no doubt feels we have left the best for last.

Livia Dickie is a stand out shinning star in a sky of stars.  Her gentle way, competative drive and loyal friendship  illuminates a sport that at times is a cold bitter taste of reality.

Livia is the inspiration for the series of interviews.  When I began researching the project and learned of Livia’s life story, I thought to myself, “Big Girls Don’t Cry, they simply forge ahead and finish what they began.”

I hope you have enjoyed reading the ladies stories as much as I enjoyed working to bring them to you.

May your year be filled with mind blowing adventures that leave you begging for more.  Get those exclamation points ready… bring on 2012!

Remember to take care of one another, its what keeps us alive in more than one way.

Cynthia Lynn