Blue Skies Magazine: June Issue

By: Kolla Kolbeinsdottir of Blue Skies Magazine

In this issue, with my favorite quotes from each feature:

Smile More by Aly DeMayo
“Life is too short to be upset.”

BLESMA Trans4mers by Deane “Smudge” Smith
“How could we tell people to arch with pelvic injuries, and legs-out with no legs?”

A Scumbag’s Guide to Adventure Living: Food by Chris “Douggs” McDougall
“Remember not to bother chewing the corn because no matter what you do it will still come out the way it looks on the packet. Save your energy for something else, like drinking beer!”

BASE in 4 by Jeff Agard
“Please do not follow my path to obtaining a BASE number; it is not a wise choice.”

Adrenaline Junkie by Jesse Graham
“I had drifted into oncoming traffic going about 65. I yanked the wheel to the right and missed it by 2-3 feet max. We looked at each other like, ‘Oh shit,” and drove in silence straight to the dope man’s house.”

Cleaning Your Container by Chuck Marshall
“I’m a Downy guy myself.”

Aerodynamics for Dummies: Myth Buster by Julien Peelman
“Who is the new girl at manifest?”

Turning Points: Changing History by Kurt Gaebel
“There are five guys from Belgium who are eager to show that a small country can win gold medals. For the first time in modern formation skydiving history.”

The Truth about Tandems by Dean “The Fuckin’ Pilot” Ricci
“Of course I did. I jam a boner in EVERYONE’S back!”

Flying Bullets and Funnels by Melanie Curtis
“As skydivers, we already have the tools to face our fear and move through it … we did it on Level 1 and we can do it on leveling with ourselves.”

Texts from SkyGod
“Yup, she was into some freaky stuff”

Jump a Random Skydiver: Amy Dannacher
“The idea that skydiving is intolerable for error is what makes skydiving so exhilarating.”

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