Hey, Have You Heard?

Extreme adventure extraordinaire Steph Davis’s second book titled “Learning to Fly: An Uncommon Memoir of Human Flight, Unexpected Love and One Amazing Dog is available through Amazon on Pre-Order.

You can find Steph’s website here.

 If you have been following the Pro BASE World Cup then you have heard of Alexander Polli.  If not, here are two videos to introduce him and his work to you.

Interview ProBASE contender Alexander Polli from ProBASE TV on Vimeo.

Alexander Polli, Tracksuit, Wingsuit Flying: Reality Of Human Flight

You can subscribe/Like Alexander’s Facebook Athlete Page here.

2012 Pro BASE World Cup Champion, Espen Fadnes turns an athletic endeavor into an art form. Simple. Elegant. Poignant. The Best.

SPLIT OF A SECOND – A film about wingsuit flying

You’ll find Espen on Facebook here.

One of the lessons I learned this summer in Norway from BASE jumper, Tine Richter.  ‘Where there is BASE jumping, there too shall be dancing.’

Find Tine and cohorts on Vimeo here.

Arizona BASE jumper Jamie Crawford had a busy summer in Greece and Switzerland.  No keeping a Ginger down.  3,2,1 CYA

Lastly, not to be outdone by the youngsters, the lonster did a bit of showing off in China recently.

Check out Lonnie’s website here.

Personal Note:  Shout out to Dr. Banas and her office, surgical, and treatment staff.  You’ve made a very difficult time much more tolerable with your medical skills and positive attitudes. Ever grateful.


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