Blue Skies Magazine, October 2012 Issue

From the keypad of Kolla:

Issue 36 | October 2012 | photo by Karlee Ayers

The October 2012 issue, #36, is in the mail now! If you’re a current subscriber, you should be getting it any day now. If you are, for some crazy reason, not a Blue Skies Mag subscriber, SIGN UP NOW at

If you don’t have your magazine by October 24, email

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • tit4tat
  • “Point Break” trivia!
    • The first of many quizzes by Jeff Agard (who we forgot to credit in print, whoops!)
  • BSBD, Donny Brown
    • Adios and Vaya Con Dios, by Dean Ricci
  • BAMF XPF by Brianne Thompson
    • What’s a BAMF? Who’s a BAMF? She’s a BAMF.
  • Summer Camp for Skydivers | by Karen Woolem
    • I bet you’ll like this boogie article.
  • 5 Notes for the New Skydiver | by Annette O’Neil
    • What she wishes someone told her when she was starting out.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong? | by Beth Athanas
    • More very useful tips, this time dealing with catastrophic thinking. As in, “I’m going to screw up this jump. I’ll break my leg. No one will want to jump with me. I could hit the tail on exit. My boyfriend will break up with me. I’ll never learn how to freefly. No one at the bonfire will talk to me.”
  • A lovely centerfold by Marie Nel |
  • How to Open Your Parachute | by Luke Oliver
    • You might be surprised at how little of this you actually know.
  • Opinion: Wake Up and Smell the Birdshit | by Scotty Burns
    • Unabridged version here.
  • Tales of the Badass: Hannah Betts, 4-Way Goddess | by Sydney Owen
  • Turning Tables | by Kurt Gaebel, NSL
    • Exciting things in store for the upcoming World Meet!
  • A Year in the Real World | by the Fuckin’ Pilot
    • How is corporate life treating Princess?
  • Rewire the Time Bomb | by Melanie Curtis,
    • Join life coach and the soon-to-be Mrs. Nick Grillet on her accountability challenge. Lose weight, feel great, look hot(ter).

Got a comment on anything you read? Send me a letter to the editor. or this handy form. Talk to us!

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