World Wingsuit Race-2013 Results

World Wingsuit Race-Brazil

World Wingsuit Race-Brazil

1ST Place- Nando Motta
2nd Place- Gabriel Lott
3rd Place- Roberta Mancino
1st Place-Dan Vicary
2nd  Place- Fredrik Hedeen
3rd Place- Espen Fadnes
1st Place- Ludo Woerth
2nd Place- Michi
3rd Place- Hugo Langel
1st Place- Espen Fadnes
2nd Place- Dan Vicary
3rd Place- Gabriel Lott04- Hugo Langel
05- Fernando Motta
06- Lutz Ludtke
07- Michi
08- Ludovic Woerth
09- Jay Moledzki
10- Zak Tessier
11- Don Zarda
12-Fredrik Hedden
13- Roberta Mancino
14- Rob Heron
15- Cricket
16- Gary Connery
17- Savage Sac
18- Ramon Rojas
19- Britto
20- Carlos Biceno
21- Jurgeen Schidi
22- Blake Wild
23- Vick Fearless
24- Jo Henrik
25- Lori Butz
26- Gui Padua
27- Clayton Whitney
28- David Sharp
29- Alistair Clark

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