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Burning Man/2015: One Man’s Perspective

If you have ever spoken to a friend, family member or associate who has just arrived home from the week long experience; they you are familiar with the natural high that is achieved.

A fellow blogger, Joe Nesbitt, who travels the world Base Jumping, Skydiving, and fine dining has put his thoughts on the burning of The Lotus at this year’s event.

The interesting thing about this post is that it comes not from a person who has moments of clarity out on the edge all the time.  His senses are heightened during a jump and the natural high that follows is nothing new.

However, as is the case with many, The Burning Man experience leaves you with a natural high and feelgood attitude long after you have come down.  It changes people’s perspectives on their lives, their relationships and the world in general.

If you need the motivation to attend next years event, read Joe’s blog and then begin planning to snag those ever so elusive BM tickets come next year.

You can find Joe’s blog here.  I suggest you subscribe to catch all his future posts.

The photo is courtesy of Andrey Karr, Burning Man, The Lotus, 2015