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Be A Voice for Change

Dear Readers and Friends,

My BASE buddies need your signature. Please click the link, register and then sign the petition. I know with all the wrongs in the world this particular one seems inconsequential, however it’s a chance to help fellow Americans to get the attention of the US Government. Sign it for change, make a difference in the process. Thanks! Love you all bunches.

Cynthia Lynn

Allow BASE Jumping in National Parks
We the people believe that BASE Jumping is not an illegal activity when participated in on public property. It should be treated as other sports are when they are active in designated areas. BASE Jumping has been banned by the NPS, and that should be addressed. The United States of America should be a place of personal liberty and freedom that allows BASE Jumpers to pursue their passions like all other citizens.

Created: Sep 23, 2011

Click the link to register and sign the petition.