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Quadriplegic’s Adventure Dream

Quadriplegic Pete Bonser, http://www.petebonser.com, has a dream to BASE JUMP. We intend to that dream come true and film a documentary.


About this project by Dr. Spatula

Pete’s dream is to go to the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho and make a BASE jump.

Sean Chuma of http://www.TandemBASE.com is donating his time to make this dream come true.

Because of Pete’s condition, and the amount of pain he is in, he cannot just get on a commercial flight or take a 12 hour road trip.

Most of this documentary will be made with donated time and resources but We need to cover the cost of using a Cessna 206 or better to transport Pete and a couple of caregivers as quickly as possible. We will start the adventure in Santa Rosa California, and document everything about the trip to Twin Falls, the set up, the jump, the people involved, and try to capture the feeling of a dream come true.

I am a pilot and will most likely be flying the plane myself.

Please visit http://www.PeteBonser.com

Risks and challenges

The largest obstacles right now are safely transporting Pete with minimal complications and designing and testing a custom harness to make sure the BASE jump goes without a problem.

A word from Sean Chuma:
I have had a huge vision for a while that is fueled by jumping and being part of the dreams of Lonnie Bissonnette, and by the spinal cord injury of one of my very best friends, Chris Scott. It is starting to become a reality by combining visions with Pete Bonser, a quadriplegic, who I will be taking on a Tandem Base jump on the weekend of April 18-19. This is the start of a whole program, I envision, to help people with spinal cord injuries, etc. experience the absolutely amazing activity of BASE jumping. Give someone a dream and they can take it farther to create miracles within, to change their life for the better. I see it, in a way, as a form of healing therapy. It is something that seemed impossible. Now it is going to become a reality. This is turning into something bigger than life. It’s a story unfolding and telling itself and manifesting through us. We are looking for financial help, so if you are able to help, we would be more grateful than we already are.