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Base jumper Rick Harrison Interview: Simply stated, “A Man Amongst Men”

May of 2009

How do you take one twin brother, retired Federal Attorney, 27 years of B.A.S.E. jumping experience, 59 years of life and sum it up into one interview? Simply stated, “It’s an undertaking of epic proportion”.

Rick Harrison, B.A.S.E. 38, the man who processes your B.A.S.E. number applications, who reads your stories and often responds with a comment in issuing your card, is in the midst of leading a long and productive life. Simply stated, “He has done some shit”.

I have struggled to place into words my perception of “Who Rick Harrison is” and generally speaking I am not one lacking for words. I then enlisted the assistance of two of his friends and discovered the words didn’t come easily for either of them. The problem isn’t that there is a lacking of words to fill a description; the problem is that there are too many words. In asking his friend B.A.S.E. 460 to describe Rick, he replied, “Rick is a mixture of Hunter Thompson, Evel Knievel and Yogi Berra.”

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