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24 Interviews: Nope Can’t Take It Back, It’s In Cyberspace and Print

Today my 24th interview began landing in readers post boxes around the globe, as my 10th BASE article appears in the February 2013 issue of Blue Skies Magazine.

My latest is ESPEN FADNES SMOOTH OPERATOR.  If the opportunity to meet Mr. Fadnes, “Fast-Dog” of Midget BASE fame arises, take it.


Espen “Fast-Dog” Fadnes

In fact if you are new to BASE jumping I guarantee that you will learn something about the sport, about the interviewees and yourself by reading from my body of work about BASE.  And again, if you have the opportunity to meet or speak to these people, take it.

  • Hank Caylor
  • Rigger Lee
  • Brendan Nicholson
  • Calvin 19 and his sisters Annie and Emily
  • Jeb Corliss
  • Clair Marie (The BASE Girl)
  • Rick Harrison
  • Tracey Space Walker
  • Michael Pelkey
  • Jevto Dedijer (BASE 66)
  • Lonnie Bissonette
  • Tim Mangan
  • Matt Frolich
  • Anniken Binz
  • Lika Borzova
  • Livia Dickie
  • Karen Lewis Dalton
  • Ana Isabel Dao
  • Tony Uragalla  (Tony Suits)
  • Miles and Nikki Daisher
  • Espen Fadness

These people embodied the essence of my blog tagline,”Everyone has a story to tell…some people use more exclamation marks than others.”



Rick Harrison Interview: Simply stated, “A Man Amongst Men” , conclusion

During my exchanges with Rick he made mention of his friendship with Iiro Seppepan that began on a trip back in 2002, I phoned Iiro and asked him to write his take on this B.A.S.E. pioneer which follows:

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Rick Harrison Interview: Simply stated, “A Man Amongst Men”, pt. 2

I continued on the stream of thought, that there is an “us vs. them” mentality regarding B.A.S.E jumper’s and Law Enforcement with a follow up question that lead to Rick debating with me. “I notice a great deal of angry talk and name calling of park rangers and law enforcement in regards to being nabbed.

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