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Base Jumper Rigger Lee Interview: The Enigmatic Adventurer

1. An obscure speech or writing 2. Something hard to understand or explain 3: an inscrutable or mysterious person

If ever there was a man that fit the definition, it would be the BASE world’s Rigger Lee. He will tell you that he is an open book; however for many he fits the bill. I set the interview in motion with a standard 58 question document for this series of profiles and what I received in return where some of the most intriguing answers. In Lee, you will discover a man who claims to have set no goals and yet has achieved a great deal in his lifetime.

Lee’s story begins in Irving, Texas, while he has spent most of his life referring to his mother’s home in Euless as his residence for the purpose of collecting his mail. His partner at “the shop,” friends and family have grown accustomed to Lee being “away” from his home base for 6 or more months out of the year. Lee is known to have packed up and disappeared for a month or two at a time, “wandering about the country.”

Lee’s enterprises managed from “the shop” include a sign store, rigging loft and T-shirt company. A current project is constructing sailing covers, but he still thinks of “the shop” as being more of a “hangout” for when they “aren’t out playing,” than as place of business.

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