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2013 World BASE Race

Two jumpers in gear at the back of the exit ramps,

The starter will ask…

“Jumper A ready?” – confirm,

“Jumper B ready?” – confirm

Jumpers take your starting position at the edge.

The starter begins countdown, “5 – 4″

A single signal is repeated 3 times, bip, bip, bip

Welcome to the World BASE Race

Envision two men standing on wooden platforms at the edge of a mountain cliff. Each man is dressed in what appears to be a flying squirrel suit. At the signal, they jump and race head-on to the finish line, deploying their parachutes and gliding to a safe landing. Mind blowing? Extraordinary? A testament to man’s intestinal fortitude? Innovative genius? A sporting event unlike any other in the world? If you answered yes to all of the above, then let me introduce you to an event that P.T. Barnum would have billed as part of “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

It’s been four years since I first wrote those words regarding the World BASE Race of 2009.  Base jumping was new to me and wingsuit racing was new to the sport itself.  Co-founder and former director of the event Paul Fortun spoke of the race becoming the greatest public party for the athletes and spectators alike.  

If the caliber of athletes, gear and number of spectators gathering pre-race day is any indication, I’d say there’s about to be one hell of a party.

To all the athletes have a safe race.

Enjoy last years teaser video.


World BASE Race 2013

World BASE Race 2013

Information on the 2013 race coming soon, join their page on Facebook by clicking on the logo above to keep up-to-date on all the latest news.

Jeb Corliss: Never A Dull Moment


Interviewing U.S. Base Jumper/Adventurer Jeb Corliss “live, unedited, no commercial breaks, pure raw broadcasting” for me is the equivalent of driving through a car wash and discovering your windows are down.

There you are all settled in, moving ahead slowly and when it hits you, literally and figuratively in that scenario.  The water is coming in, your vehicle is hooked up to the chain and being pulled station to station and there is no going back.  Nothing left to do, but sit back, put on your sunglasses and enjoy the ride.

In the case of the radio interview I sincerely suggest seat belts be fastened prior to listening.

At times when Jeb spoke of finding your life passion with the fire and brimstone of the most charismatic of preachers.  In the Church of Jeb, “people need to accept they are going to die and that whether it’s at 30, 60 or 80 years old, it is short, there isn’t very much of it. You have to find what you are passionate about in life and then go do it and if you die doing it, so what?…you were going to die anyway.”

He is opinionated, honest, unabashed, philosophical and humorous in his responses about life and the sport that he would give his life for to fulfill his personal goals and live his life on his terms.

If you were wondering, “Why does he wear only black clothing?”, “Will his landing ramp be painted black?”, “How does Jeb earn a living?”, “What does he think about his Internet detractors?”, “What are the risks and consequences of placing yourself in the media spotlight?”, “What are his thoughts on the latest wing-suit designs?”, “Will corporate America turn proximity flying into a mainstream sport?” or “How does one gain access to day blaze a building with the authorities support?

Jeb answers these and many other questions as we take calls from Canadian Base Jumper Lonnie Bissonnette, Australian Base Jumper Feral and the Cincinnati Crews own Joe Nesbitt.

While off air, seconds before going live with the show, I told Jeb I was nervous.  He asked me why. I explained, not knowing what direction the show will go is very nerve racking to me.  His response, “fear is good for you”, then came his laugh.  I should have known right then to check that the windows were rolled up.

If listening to Jeb speak doesn’t make you want to hop off the sofa, turn off the PC, stop putting in so much time at the job and get out there and explore our planet, live your life and challenge your perceptions; then nothing will.

For now, click the link, turn up the speakers and prepare yourself, for truly with Jeb Corliss there is Never A Dull Moment.

Many thanks to all that tuned in for the live broadcast and to those who joined in the chat-room and sent in questions for Jeb.  A special thanks to lowcountrybase and freefallfiend for being part of every show and contributing positive questions and comments.

As I said at the end of the interview, I feel grateful to be a part of facilitating jumpers talking to jumpers and sharing positive attitudes on life and outlooks on the sport of BASE.  The shows are what the listeners, callers and guests make it, I merely provide the platform for the exchange of viewpoints.  Listening back to the five shows I have done,  each has it’s own character and merits, but the one thing they all hold in common is they are “real, honest, and a mark in time.”

Thank you for reading and listening as I chronicle my journey.