Blue Skies Magazine August Issue

From the laptop of the lovely and talented Kolla of Blue Skies Magazine.

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  • The HTC One Project | An Exclusive Interview with the Director of Photography, Norman Kent | by Syndey Owen

    “It was also an amazing experience because I was able to work with my son, Ramsey. And the director loved his work. Not like, ‘Hey, you’re Norman’s son, way to go,’ but was genuinely impressed with his flying style, personality and the way he looked in his part of the commercial. He really held his own and was professional with everyone and I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

    Also check out the extras!

  • A Scumbag’s Guide to Adventure Living | Final Installment 😦 | by Chris “Douggs” McDougall 

    “When you travel you meet people from the areas you are in; most people like to hear where you have been and what you have been up to. People also like to have sex with people from lands afar with foreign accents sometimes. These people also generally live somewhere! So why not combine it all together with a fun night of laughter, rooting, and a roof over your head! Win, win, win, I say!”

  • A Road to a World Record | Part 2 | by Anna Howerski

    “I have the feeling no amount of training will be enough to calm the heart rate, so it’s a good thing I can use the nerves as fuel. I should have enough to fly to the moon!”

    Watch Anna talk about the record!

  • Photo Break | Chicagoland Skydiving Center‘s Burlesque for Breasts | by Javier Ortiz and Becky Johns
  • The Fastest Man in the World | A Chat with Tony Uragallo, winner of the World BASE RAce 2012 | by Cynthia Lynn Guzman

    “I climbed a 1,000’ tower, the ladder went continuously upward, not an easy climb. It was dark outside and I really couldn’t see much of anything. I took an assist with my PC toss and found myself under canopy with no idea of which direction I was heading. I was looking for guide wires, the tower itself, waiting to hit something before I landed. When I landed I thought to myself, ‘That was an idiot thing to do.’”

  • Past Lives | Careers before Skydiving | by Mike Gruwell

    “For the most part the other ballerinas thought I was a nutbar. With my penchant for Norwegian metal, piercings, and brightly colored knee socks most people would have never pegged me as the type of person that would spend hours in a ballet studio rockin’ out for the opportunity to perform a solo variation on stage,” Amanda says.

  • Turning Points | What Does Fussball Have to do with Skydiving? | by Kurt Gaebel

    “People ask me that question quite frequently: ‘How did you launch the National Skydiving League?’ The answer is that simple: I missed playing fussball.”

    Kurt Gaebel, circa 1979

  • I Took Off My Pants… | by The Fuckin’ Pilot (who else?)

    “Then again, with a thong as my wardrobe, skin color and skinny arms were the least of my problems.”

  • My Tizzle | by Melanie Curtis

    “True friendship never dies. It lives on in us, in how we are changed by those friends, in how we choose differently because of their influence. Knowing Jonathan has been one of the greatest gifts in my entire life, and I know even with the years I have ahead of me that very few will ever be able to compete.”

  • Jump a Random Skydiver | Chris Ash

    “After losing several friends in the sport, I have always asked myself the question, ‘Is this worth it?’ And the answer has always been ‘Yes.'”

    Chris Ash! Photo by Photo by Jonathan Jefferies

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