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24 Interviews: Nope Can’t Take It Back, It’s In Cyberspace and Print

Today my 24th interview began landing in readers post boxes around the globe, as my 10th BASE article appears in the February 2013 issue of Blue Skies Magazine.

My latest is ESPEN FADNES SMOOTH OPERATOR.  If the opportunity to meet Mr. Fadnes, “Fast-Dog” of Midget BASE fame arises, take it.


Espen “Fast-Dog” Fadnes

In fact if you are new to BASE jumping I guarantee that you will learn something about the sport, about the interviewees and yourself by reading from my body of work about BASE.  And again, if you have the opportunity to meet or speak to these people, take it.

  • Hank Caylor
  • Rigger Lee
  • Brendan Nicholson
  • Calvin 19 and his sisters Annie and Emily
  • Jeb Corliss
  • Clair Marie (The BASE Girl)
  • Rick Harrison
  • Tracey Space Walker
  • Michael Pelkey
  • Jevto Dedijer (BASE 66)
  • Lonnie Bissonette
  • Tim Mangan
  • Matt Frolich
  • Anniken Binz
  • Lika Borzova
  • Livia Dickie
  • Karen Lewis Dalton
  • Ana Isabel Dao
  • Tony Uragalla  (Tony Suits)
  • Miles and Nikki Daisher
  • Espen Fadness

These people embodied the essence of my blog tagline,”Everyone has a story to tell…some people use more exclamation marks than others.”



Blue Skies Magazine, October 2012 Issue

From the keypad of Kolla:

Issue 36 | October 2012 | photo by Karlee Ayers

The October 2012 issue, #36, is in the mail now! If you’re a current subscriber, you should be getting it any day now. If you are, for some crazy reason, not a Blue Skies Mag subscriber, SIGN UP NOW at blueskiesmag.com/subscribe.

If you don’t have your magazine by October 24, email kolla@blueskiesmag.com.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • tit4tat
  • “Point Break” trivia!
    • The first of many quizzes by Jeff Agard (who we forgot to credit in print, whoops!)
  • BSBD, Donny Brown
    • Adios and Vaya Con Dios, by Dean Ricci
  • BAMF XPF by Brianne Thompson
    • What’s a BAMF? Who’s a BAMF? She’s a BAMF.
  • Summer Camp for Skydivers | by Karen Woolem
    • I bet you’ll like this boogie article.
  • 5 Notes for the New Skydiver | by Annette O’Neil
    • What she wishes someone told her when she was starting out.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong? | by Beth Athanas
    • More very useful tips, this time dealing with catastrophic thinking. As in, “I’m going to screw up this jump. I’ll break my leg. No one will want to jump with me. I could hit the tail on exit. My boyfriend will break up with me. I’ll never learn how to freefly. No one at the bonfire will talk to me.”
  • A lovely centerfold by Marie Nel | marienelphotography.blogspot.com
  • How to Open Your Parachute | by Luke Oliver
    • You might be surprised at how little of this you actually know.
  • Opinion: Wake Up and Smell the Birdshit | by Scotty Burns
    • Unabridged version here.
  • Tales of the Badass: Hannah Betts, 4-Way Goddess | by Sydney Owen
  • Turning Tables | by Kurt Gaebel, NSL
    • Exciting things in store for the upcoming World Meet!
  • A Year in the Real World | by the Fuckin’ Pilot
    • How is corporate life treating Princess?
  • Rewire the Time Bomb | by Melanie Curtis, highcomms.com
    • Join life coach and the soon-to-be Mrs. Nick Grillet on her accountability challenge. Lose weight, feel great, look hot(ter).

Got a comment on anything you read? Send me a letter to the editor. lara@blueskiesmag.com or this handy form. Talk to us!

Blue Skies Magazine September 2012 Issue

From the desk of Kolla:

The September 2012 issue, #35, is on its way to the hearts, minds, and mailboxes of all current Blue Skies Mag subscribers. If you are not a current subscriber, why don’t you go ahead and remedy that situation now. blueskiesmag.com/subscribe. Click. Pay. Receive.

If you are a subscriber and do not receive your issue #35 by October 1, please contact Kolla@blueskiesmag.com.

Here is what you will find in the unique and beautiful flower called issue 35:

  • DZ Awards 2012
    • Voting starts here and now!
  • The HTC One Project, Part 2 | by Sydney Owen (not Syndey, or even Amanda. SYDNEY. OWEN. BAM!)
    • Sydney’s interview with Norman Kent continues. Many lovely pictures of Roberta Mancino.
  • Harnessing Fear: A Skydiver’s Guide to Effective Self-Talk | By Beth Athanas
  • Gravity | by Annette O’Neil
    • A lovely BASE story.
  • Summerfest Photo Essay
  • What’s the Rush? | by Douggs
    • The coolest fucking BASE jumper in the world wants you to slow down. And get off his damn lawn. Seriously, there’s no good reason to rush your BASE career just so you have something to post on YouTube.
  • Turning Points: God Save the Queen | by Kurt Gaebel
    • How in the world did the UK field 72 teams for 4-way FS competition at their National this year?
  • Pants Off Dance Off | by the Fuckin’ Pilot
    • A couple cold cuts in a washing machine. Yup.
  • I Want to Learn to BASE Jump | by Melanie Curtis
    • Speaking of taking it slow and easy…
  • Jump a Random Skydiver: Chris Bonafide

And that’s all, folks! Let us know what you think of this issue, the things in it, the paper, your mailman, your relationship with your mailbox. Anything. Please. There are bajillions of ways to contact us, choose your favorite and talk to us!

I am thrilled to see more and more BASE related articles by various writers.  The sport needs positive voices speaking out in articles to quiet the negative press.  I am personally thrilled excited to see an article by the lovely and very talented Annette O’Neill.

On a personal note, I am home recovering from the past weeks surgery.  The doctor believes she has gotten it all and I am on a path of 4 to 6 weeks of healing recovery and in office treatments.  May I express my gratitude to all those who have shared well wishes.  Thank You.

Now that I have all this free time which requires me to relax, I hope to get my photos sorted and posted from my 1st BASE trip over this past summer to Norway.

Peace, Cynthia