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Someone You Think You Know…15 Questions with BASE jumper Jevto Dedijer

  • Name: Jevto Dedijer
  • Age: 46
  • Marital Status: Wife- Yolaine de Saint D’Authingues
  • Children: Damien 19 and Chloé 15
  • Location: Québec City – Canada
  • Number of Jumps: 15 BASE jumps
  • Year of first Jump: 1982
  • Container: Racer
  • Canopy: Strato Cloud
  • Profession: Brand Strategist
  • Number of Skydives: 800

In speaking with an up and coming B.A.S.E. jumper, I inquired if they had heard of “Jevto Dedijer”; they paused for a moment and said “they didn’t think so.” When I in turn asked, “B.A.S.E. 66”, he replied, “The book? Yes I have heard of it.” In a sport where names seem to become lost and number’s take their place Jevto Dedijer cemented his number into the history of the sport at Europe’s exit points and behind the brightly colored orange book jacket with the simple title, “BASE 66”.

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