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Blue Skies Magazine, October 2012 Issue

From the keypad of Kolla:

Issue 36 | October 2012 | photo by Karlee Ayers

The October 2012 issue, #36, is in the mail now! If you’re a current subscriber, you should be getting it any day now. If you are, for some crazy reason, not a Blue Skies Mag subscriber, SIGN UP NOW at

If you don’t have your magazine by October 24, email

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • tit4tat
  • “Point Break” trivia!
    • The first of many quizzes by Jeff Agard (who we forgot to credit in print, whoops!)
  • BSBD, Donny Brown
    • Adios and Vaya Con Dios, by Dean Ricci
  • BAMF XPF by Brianne Thompson
    • What’s a BAMF? Who’s a BAMF? She’s a BAMF.
  • Summer Camp for Skydivers | by Karen Woolem
    • I bet you’ll like this boogie article.
  • 5 Notes for the New Skydiver | by Annette O’Neil
    • What she wishes someone told her when she was starting out.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong? | by Beth Athanas
    • More very useful tips, this time dealing with catastrophic thinking. As in, “I’m going to screw up this jump. I’ll break my leg. No one will want to jump with me. I could hit the tail on exit. My boyfriend will break up with me. I’ll never learn how to freefly. No one at the bonfire will talk to me.”
  • A lovely centerfold by Marie Nel |
  • How to Open Your Parachute | by Luke Oliver
    • You might be surprised at how little of this you actually know.
  • Opinion: Wake Up and Smell the Birdshit | by Scotty Burns
    • Unabridged version here.
  • Tales of the Badass: Hannah Betts, 4-Way Goddess | by Sydney Owen
  • Turning Tables | by Kurt Gaebel, NSL
    • Exciting things in store for the upcoming World Meet!
  • A Year in the Real World | by the Fuckin’ Pilot
    • How is corporate life treating Princess?
  • Rewire the Time Bomb | by Melanie Curtis,
    • Join life coach and the soon-to-be Mrs. Nick Grillet on her accountability challenge. Lose weight, feel great, look hot(ter).

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Blue Skies Magazine August Issue

From the laptop of the lovely and talented Kolla of Blue Skies Magazine.

Left. Left. Left right left. Issue numero 34 in being shipped out now! If you do not have your Issue #34 (August) magazine by August 23, please contact

If you’re not a subscriber, you won’t get a magazine. You’ll just get this, a description of what could be, if you only subscribed. You can fix that by clicking over to

  • The HTC One Project | An Exclusive Interview with the Director of Photography, Norman Kent | by Syndey Owen

    “It was also an amazing experience because I was able to work with my son, Ramsey. And the director loved his work. Not like, ‘Hey, you’re Norman’s son, way to go,’ but was genuinely impressed with his flying style, personality and the way he looked in his part of the commercial. He really held his own and was professional with everyone and I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

    Also check out the extras!

  • A Scumbag’s Guide to Adventure Living | Final Installment 😦 | by Chris “Douggs” McDougall 

    “When you travel you meet people from the areas you are in; most people like to hear where you have been and what you have been up to. People also like to have sex with people from lands afar with foreign accents sometimes. These people also generally live somewhere! So why not combine it all together with a fun night of laughter, rooting, and a roof over your head! Win, win, win, I say!”

  • A Road to a World Record | Part 2 | by Anna Howerski

    “I have the feeling no amount of training will be enough to calm the heart rate, so it’s a good thing I can use the nerves as fuel. I should have enough to fly to the moon!”

    Watch Anna talk about the record!

  • Photo Break | Chicagoland Skydiving Center‘s Burlesque for Breasts | by Javier Ortiz and Becky Johns
  • The Fastest Man in the World | A Chat with Tony Uragallo, winner of the World BASE RAce 2012 | by Cynthia Lynn Guzman

    “I climbed a 1,000’ tower, the ladder went continuously upward, not an easy climb. It was dark outside and I really couldn’t see much of anything. I took an assist with my PC toss and found myself under canopy with no idea of which direction I was heading. I was looking for guide wires, the tower itself, waiting to hit something before I landed. When I landed I thought to myself, ‘That was an idiot thing to do.’”

  • Past Lives | Careers before Skydiving | by Mike Gruwell

    “For the most part the other ballerinas thought I was a nutbar. With my penchant for Norwegian metal, piercings, and brightly colored knee socks most people would have never pegged me as the type of person that would spend hours in a ballet studio rockin’ out for the opportunity to perform a solo variation on stage,” Amanda says.

  • Turning Points | What Does Fussball Have to do with Skydiving? | by Kurt Gaebel

    “People ask me that question quite frequently: ‘How did you launch the National Skydiving League?’ The answer is that simple: I missed playing fussball.”

    Kurt Gaebel, circa 1979

  • I Took Off My Pants… | by The Fuckin’ Pilot (who else?)

    “Then again, with a thong as my wardrobe, skin color and skinny arms were the least of my problems.”

  • My Tizzle | by Melanie Curtis

    “True friendship never dies. It lives on in us, in how we are changed by those friends, in how we choose differently because of their influence. Knowing Jonathan has been one of the greatest gifts in my entire life, and I know even with the years I have ahead of me that very few will ever be able to compete.”

  • Jump a Random Skydiver | Chris Ash

    “After losing several friends in the sport, I have always asked myself the question, ‘Is this worth it?’ And the answer has always been ‘Yes.'”

    Chris Ash! Photo by Photo by Jonathan Jefferies

Blue Skies Magazine July Issue

Our third birthday issue, #33, hit the mail running yesterday like a good ‘Murican. If you are a subscriber, you should see this little bad boy soon. If you do not have your Issue #33 (July) magazine by July 18, please

If you’re not a subscriber, this is all just to tell you what you’re missing. You can fix that by clicking over

And now for the big reveal – just what is in this glorious issue?

  • Tempting Phate by Nicole Smith
    Updates on Nicole’s amazing 50-state skydiving journey.

    I hope you never lose someone you love, but chances are either you have or you will. Life is fleeting! May each new day be cherished, celebrated and enjoyed. Pain in inevitable but overcoming is a choice.

  •  A Scumbag’s Guide to Adventure Living, by Douggs
    Vehicles and jobs, how to get.

    I bought a cheap car in Idaho once from a pretty girl (mistake #1); it had a great stereo in it (mistake #2).

  • The Funny Farm, by Faith Hewitt-Treadwell
    The legend returns.

    Meanwhile a newly installed pole has sparked excited whispers for a much anticipated act amongst the jittery crowd.

  • A Road to a World Record, by Anna Howerski
    What it’s like becoming a big dog.

    The girls in Lodi are bad-ass flyers and the girls that came to the camp were…well…in a phrase, “totally fucking out of my league.”

  • Carolina Fest! by Brian Buckland
    It’s hard to quote pictures.
  • Breaking the News, by Jason “Jace” Grimm
    How does a mama’s boy tell his parents that he’s now a motorcycling skydiver? Or a skydiving motorcyclist?

    My parents don’t know about that early problem jump, and since they don’t subscribe to Blue Skies Mag, probably never will.

  • Who Are We? by me, Lara!
    We had you guys take a little survey, and here are the results. You’re weird. In a good way.

    These types are the most independent, take-charge, and least likely to accept authority based on title alone. Um, yeah, sounds like just about every skydiver I’ve met.

  • The Return of Sparkles, Rainbows, and Unicorns; by Sydney Owen
    Our hero returns to the sky.

    Sure, when I say “I broke my back” it sounds all dramatic, and part of it is, but it’s not like I was in a coma, or paralyzed, or told I’d never walk again. But the mental game? That’s the tricky part.

  • Do It Live: Adrenaline and Endorphin vs. Virtualin, by Kurt Gaebel

    It’s my worst nightmare to imagine meeting all those cool people, my team buddies, and the other competition lovers, judges, videographers, packers, manifest, etc. only on Facebook in the future. “Hey, my team scored 15 points yesterday for 6, D, M, 7. Please like it, so I can win a discount coupon at Winn Dixie.”

  • No Means No, by Dean “The Fuckin’ Pilot” Ricci
    Did you really think the pilot would *not* have an opinion on this?

    I’m normally not in the business of throwing stones at people I don’t know (total lie), but when I watched this video I knew an article was  soon to follow.

  • A Skydiving Love Affair, by Melanie Curtis
    By popular demand!

    I guess because of my skydiving-and-life-coach status, I get asked about this subject a lot … whether we’re the breaker or the breakee, how do we deal with a breakup in skydiving?

  • SkyGod Portrait Relay, by SkyGod Skygodsson

    So again, SkyGod is providing you, his loyal minion, with just another opportunity to eternal happiness by serving SkyGod.

  • I’m Back! by Jason Yergin
    Recurrency jumps might not get you laid, but they should.

    I’m pretty sure  the first rule of something not happening is you don’t talk about it not happening—and you certainly don’t type it up and put it in a magazine for everybody to read.

So that’s it. #33. Patrick Roy’s number, the age Tom Cruise’s wives decide they’re out, the most number of birthday candles Jesus ever saw, Arsenic, the number of racers in the Indy 500, something about Rolling Rock, Baghdad, and Disney’s Club 33.